San Francisco Chronicle Endorses Bill Quirk

Writing that  he “wants to bring a scientist’s sensibility to Legislature,” the San Francisco Chronicle endorsed Bill Quirk for AD20 on Friday. The Chronicle’s Editorial Board felt his unambiguous support for Proposition 30, a ballot measure that seeks to introduce highly progressive income and sales tax increases to support education, distinguished Quirk from his opponent.

The most profound difference between them is their positions on Prop. 30, the temporary taxes Gov. Jerry Brown has proposed to balance the budget. Quirk has taken a stand – he supports it – and Ong has not, expressing her concern that the quarter-cent rise in the sales tax (25 cents on every $100 purchase) would hurt the poor. Nor has she taken a position on Prop. 38, the tax measure for schools.

About his opponent’s position on this issue, they wrote:

Sacramento does not need any more wishful thinkers or wafflers. It needs problem solvers who can make tough decisions. Rejection of Props. 30 and 38 would force disastrous cuts on California schools.

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