Sir Paul Callaghan (1947 – 2012)

The magnetic resonance community was saddened by the death of Sir Paul Callaghan on March 24. Paul was a leader in applications of NMR and MRI to soft and complex materials. Over the last two decades, he has created powerful new MRI tools to investigate the structure and dynamics of artificial and natural materials at microscopic length scales, and he has authored the definitive textbook on that subject,

[openbook booknumber=”978-0198539971″ templatenumber=”1″]

Paul Callaghan developed NMR and MRI devices that operate at low magnetic fields, an enabling invention for a number of industrial analyses that require portability; a company that he founded, Magritek, markets uniquely capable portable NMR and MRI systems. Finally, Paul was a revered public intellectual in New Zealand:

Sir Peter Gluckman, the Prime Minister’s scientific advisor, described Sir Paul as new Zealand’s most distinguished public [scientist] and in the world of molecular physics … a giant.”Over the last decade, Paul had became our most public and most recognised scientist. And he did so in a way that led him to be warmly received by all.”

Below, he accepts the “New Zealander of the Year” award:

Here are some of Paul Callaghan’s seminal papers:


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