Why I decided to join GRAIL’s quest to detect cancer early

This month, I stepped down as Verily’s Chief Scientific Officer and joined GRAIL, a startup focused on the early detection of cancer, to guide its precision medicine and translational science efforts. I’ll still be affiliated with Verily through its Science Board, which I’ll chair. I write about the reasons for my decision here: Seeing deeply […]

Cover Article in JMR: Gradient-Free Microfluidic Flow Labeling Using Thin Magnetic Films and Remotely Detected MRI

Gradient-free microfluidic flow labeling using thin magnetic films and remotely detected MRI Nicholas W. Halpern-Manners, Daniel J. Kennedy, David R. Trease, Thomas Z. Teisseyre, Nicolas S. Malecek, Alexander Pines, Vikram S. Bajaj Abstract Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) may be employed as noninvasive measurements yielding detailed information about the chemical and […]

Cover Article, Angewandte Chemie: Ultra-Low-Field NMR Relaxation and Diffusion Measurements Using an Optical Magnetometer

Ultra-Low-Field NMR Relaxation and Diffusion Measurements Using an Optical Magnetometer Paul J. Ganssle, Hyun D. Shin, Scott J. Seltzer, Vikram S. Bajaj, Micah P. Ledbetter, Dmitry Budker, Svenja Knappe, John Kitching, and Alexander Pines ABSTRACT Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) relaxometry and diffusometry are important tools for the characterization of heterogeneous materials and porous media, with applications […]

Nature Communications: Optical Hyperpolarization and NMR Detection of 129Xe on a Microfluidic Chip

Optical hyperpolarization and NMR detection of 129Xe on a microfluidic chip Ricardo Jiménez-Martínez, Daniel J Kennedy, Michael Rosenbluh, Elizabeth A Donley, Svenja Knappe, Scott J Seltzer, Hattie L Ring, Vikram S Bajaj, John Kitching     ABSTRACT Optically hyperpolarized 129Xe gas has become a powerful contrast agent in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy and imaging, with […]

Nature Communications: Optically Detected Cross-relaxation Spectroscopy of Electron Spins in Diamond