Why I decided to join GRAIL’s quest to detect cancer early

This month, I stepped down as Verily’s Chief Scientific Officer and joined GRAIL, a startup focused on the early detection of cancer, to guide its precision medicine and translational science efforts. I’ll still be affiliated with Verily through its Science Board, which I’ll chair. I write about the reasons for my decision here:

Parminder Bajaj

Seeing deeply into cancer: early disease interception for improved outcomes.
How can we detect cancer early so that we can treat it more effectively?

A note about why I’m stepping down as Verily’s CSO after four years to become Chair of its Science Board, and my exciting new role at GRAIL, a startup focused on early cancer detection.

My reasons for this move are partly personal. As some of you know, my father, Parminder Bajaj, died of cancer last year. We discovered his cancer far too late for effective treatment. GRAIL’s mission to “detect cancer early, while it can be cured” addresses this significant unmet medical need.

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