OctoberCEST Conference (Annapolis, MD)

I spoke the excellent OctoberCEST conference, organized by Professors Michael McMahon, Peter van Zijl, Assaf Gilad, and Jeff Bulte, in Annapolis, MD. The conference was attended by the growing community of scientists who develop MRI contrast agents based on chemical exchange saturation transfer, a method of signal amplification in molecular imaging. After the conference, we […]

Eva Paciok (RWTH-Aachen) delivers a seminar, “NMR of translational motion at its limits”

Eva Paciok visited our laboratory for a six month exchange and delivered a seminar, “NMR of translational motion at its limits,” in which she described new methods to measure fast and turbulent flows in devices and porous materials. Her presentation was introduced remotely by her doctoral advisor, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Blümich, in Aachen. Some references […]

Professor Michael T. McMahon

Michael McMahon, Professor of Radiology at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, visited our lab today and delivered a seminar,  “Strategies for incorporating biodegradable Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer MRI contrast agents into biomedical applications.” Mike spoke about the properties of new agents that exploit amide exchange to deliver a tunable, multicolor CEST response. He spoke about […]

XeMat and EUROMAR 2012 (Dublin, Ireland)

I traveled to Dublin, Ireland to speak at the XeMAT and EUROMAR conferences.

Visit to Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics (Prof. Xin Zhou)

I visited Professor Xin Zhou’s group at the Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics to further our collaboration involving applications of xenon-based molecular imaging agents.

Dr. Kevin Donovan, “New Multi-Dimensional Single-Shot NMR Strategies for Dissolution DNP”

Dr. Kevin Donovan, of Lucio Frydman’s laboratory at the Weizmann Institute visited Berkeley today and delivered a seminar, “New Multi-Dimensional Single-Shot NMR Strategies for Dissolution DNP.” Kevin discussed several approaches by which the high sensitivity provided by solution-state dynamic nuclear polarization experiments might be combined with single-scan NMR methods to probe dynamic processes on fast […]

Sir Paul Callaghan (1947 – 2012)

The magnetic resonance community was saddened by the death of Sir Paul Callaghan on March 24. Paul was a leader in applications of NMR and MRI to soft and complex materials. Over the last two decades, he has created powerful new MRI tools to investigate the structure and dynamics of artificial and natural materials at microscopic […]