I’ve joined the leadership team of GRAIL as Head of Precision Medicine and Translational Science. GRAIL is a startup working on techniques for the early detection of cancer. You can read about my move here: “Seeing Deeply into cancer: early disease interception for improved outcomes.” I remain affiliated with Verily as Chair of its Science Board.
I am a co-founder and former Chief Scientific Officer of Verily (formerly Google Life Sciences, Google, Inc.). I am also an Associate Professor of Radiology (consulting) at Stanford University, an affiliate scientist of the University of California, Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and a former affiliate of the Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics (Chinese Academy of Sciences). The content on this site is purely personal, however.
Below are some details about my past.
  1. Ottawa, Canada
  2. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA,  B.A./M.S.
  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, Ph.D.
  4. University of California & Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Berkeley, CA
  5. El Cerrito, CA

Ottawa, Canada &  University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA)

I was born in Ottawa, Canada, and left to attend the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, PA.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA)

In graduate school, I studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in Cambridge, MA. I completed my doctoral work in the Francis Bitter Magnet Lab (Harvard/MIT Center for Magnetic Resonance).

University of California, Berkeley &
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley, CA)

I worked at the University of California and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, as a postdoctoral fellow and later as a principal investigator. Now, I remain an affiliate scientist and an member of the College Advisory Board.

The City of El Cerrito
(El Cerrito, CA)

I lived in the City of El Cerrito and served as a member of its Economic Development Board until 2014.

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