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Rush Holt: “Politicians should think like scientists”

Democrat Rush Holt, plasma physicist and Congressman representing New Jersey’s 12th district, writes in Nature , Scientists, engineers and technologists are not necessarily smarter or wiser than others, but we have many habitual practices of mind that would be valuable in the sluggish legislative process. ‘Scientific thinkers’ — and to be clear, not all such thinkers […]

Web videos about transuranic elements discovered at Berkeley

Brady Haran visited Berkeley today to film segments for his Periodic Table of Videos series. The segments focused on Glenn T. Seaborg’s life and his discovery of ten transuranic elements at Berkeley, including Plutonium and Seaborgium, named in his honor. Of element 106, Jeffrey Winters wrote in Discover Magazine, Not only is Seaborg the first living […]

OctoberCEST Conference (Annapolis, MD)

I spoke the excellent OctoberCEST conference, organized by Professors Michael McMahon, Peter van Zijl, Assaf Gilad, and Jeff Bulte, in Annapolis, MD. The conference was attended by the growing community of scientists who develop MRI contrast agents based on chemical exchange saturation transfer, a method of signal amplification in molecular imaging. After the conference, we […]

San Francisco Chronicle Endorses Bill Quirk

Writing that  he “wants to bring a scientist’s sensibility to Legislature,” the San Francisco Chronicle endorsed Bill Quirk for AD20 on Friday. The Chronicle’s Editorial Board felt his unambiguous support for Proposition 30, a ballot measure that seeks to introduce highly progressive income and sales tax increases to support education, distinguished Quirk from his opponent. […]

Nobel laureate Sir John Gurdon’s sixth grade report card: “sheer waste of time”

Below is a copy of Sir John Gurdon’s sixth grade report card in biology. Gurdon was awarded the 2012 Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine, with Shinya Yamanaka, for their discovery that adult cells can be transformed into pluripotent (stem) cells. The full story is available here:  

Elect Bill Quirk to California’s Assembly (AD20).

Dr. Bill Quirk  I support Dr. Bill Quirk’s candidacy for the 20th District of California’s State Assembly. Bill is uniquely qualified to hold this office. As a scientist and former consultant at McKinsey, his instincts about policy are analytical, rigorous, and measured. He has a strong record of environmental leadership and a systematic understanding […]

America’s Cup and San Francisco Fleet Week: Sailing Santorini

I sailed Santorini, a Beneteau 323, to watch the seventh and final race of the America’s Cup and the second air show of San Francisco’s Fleet Week. The view from near Alcatraz was spectacular, but the oscillating platform of a small vessel was less ideal for photography and video. The economic impact of the America’s Cup has been estimated by the […]

Eva Paciok (RWTH-Aachen) delivers a seminar, “NMR of translational motion at its limits”

Eva Paciok visited our laboratory for a six month exchange and delivered a seminar, “NMR of translational motion at its limits,” in which she described new methods to measure fast and turbulent flows in devices and porous materials. Her presentation was introduced remotely by her doctoral advisor, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Blümich, in Aachen. Some references […]

Bill Quirk and Jennifer Ong debate at the League of Women Voters

Please watch Bill Quirk and Jennifer Ong, candidates for the California State Assembly, District 20, debate at the League of Women Voters.  

First presidential debate of 2012

From Hayward, I watched the first presidential debate of 2012 between President Barack Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney.